Top 10 “Must Eat” Street Food in Indore
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Top 10 “Must Eat” Street Food in Indore

Do you want to make your taste buds dance? 

If yes, then none other than Indore is the place you should be headed to. The aroma of street food of Indore can entice you, and the taste of Kachori and Aloo Tikki can tingle your taste buds in a way like no fancy restaurant food ever could. 

The street food of Indore is an amalgamation of three cuisines, Rajasthani, Gujarati, and Maharashtrian, that will serve you with finger-licking street food in Indore by maintaining a distinct taste and uniqueness with jam-packed flavors. 

The street food of Indore, to be specific, is unsurprisingly popular across the country. 

Top 10 Street Food in Indore

Here is the list of the top 10 street food delights in Indore that you should try on your food spree. 

Keep scrolling down to get a sneak peek at the food scenes of Indore.

1. Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada is one of the famous street food items that you’ll find on the streets of Indore. It is a staple in every shop and eatery in Indore. 

The dish consists of a Vada, fritter made up of the batter of lentils. Vada is topped with a dollop of yogurt, and then the sprinkle of spice mix and chaat masala makes it super delicious. 

The Dahi Vada makers prepare the snack in a very attractive way by tossing the Vada up in the air, much like Rumali roti or Pizza base. 

You should taste this melt-in-mouth tangy delight while in Indore.

Origin: It originated in the Indian Subcontinent in the 18th Century by the Mughal Khansamas in the Mughal Kitchens.

Best Time to Eat: At Evening

Price Range: Rs.30-50 approx. (per plate)

Where you can get it: Joshi Dahi Bada House (Sarafa Bazaar), Chaat Phucka (Gulab Bagh)

2. Poha-Jalebi

Poha-Jalebi tops everyone’s breakfast list in Indore. This dish is a perfect option to start your day in Indore. 

Poha, a traditional Marathi breakfast made up of flattened rice, vegetables such as chopped onions, tomatoes, and various spices. 

On the other hand, Jalebi is a spiral sweet that is deep-fried and dipped in sugar syrup. In other cities, both the items are served solely, Poha as breakfast, whereas Jalebi as Dessert, but in Indore, it is offered together. 

I bet you’re surely going to fall in love with this exciting combination of crispy Poha and sweet-tasting Jalebi.

Origin: It originated in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. It is believed that this dish was created after Independence.  

Best Time to Eat: At Breakfast

Price Range: Rs.100-150 approx. (per plate)

Where you can get it: Poha-Jalebi (Vijay Nagar), Young Tarang (Chappan Dukan)

3. Fish Tikka

Fish Tikka is one of the most common non-vegetarian party snacks you’ll find on the roadside stalls of Indore. 

The non-vegetarian population of Indore relishes this hot, crispy, and spicy starter with varieties of Cocktails and Mocktails. 

Fish Tikka is prepared by fish’s boneless cubes marinated in yogurt, a sheer array of spices, cream, lemon juice, and is then generously grilled. 

This scrumptious appetizer is served with green pudina chutney, a light sprinkle of chat masala, onion rings, and shredded radish on the side. 

The finger-licking taste of a bite of flavorful Fish Tikka doesn’t even take a minute to become your favorite snack. 

Origin: It originated in Punjab but is now prepared all over India. 

Best Time to Eat: At Evening

Price Range: Rs.80-140 approx. (per plate)

Where you can get it: Fish N Chicks (Anand Bazar Road), Nafees Restaurant (Greater Kailash Road), Singh Sahab (Khatiwala Tank)

4. Bhutte ki Kees

Bhutte ki Kees is one of the most popular and luscious street food delicacies in Indore. Bhutta is referred to as corn. Bhutte ki Kees is made by grating corn from the cob. 

It is then roasted in ghee, besan, hing, cumin, and a variety of other spices. It is cooked in milk which provides it with a creamy and smooth texture. 

The dish is garnished with freshly grated coconut and ready to enjoy hot. It is an onion-garlic-free dish, perfect for pure vegetarian food lovers. Its sales increase a lot, especially during the rainy and winter seasons.

 It is the city’s speciality, and you will not find it anywhere else, so do give a try to this unique street offering.

Origin: This street food originated from the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Best Time to Eat: At Evening

Price Range: Rs.40-60 approx. (per plate)

Where you can get it: Joshi Dahi Bada House (Sarafa Bazar), The Taste of Malwa (Lalaram Nagar)

5. Garadu

Garadu is an Indori version of flavoursome Aloo ki Chaat. It is most enjoyed by the people of Indore in the winter season. 

This yum variant comprises diced potato, which is deep-fried till light brown, which provides the snack with extensive crispiness. 

Then these fried potato cubes are mixed with a special Indori masala mix, and lots of lemon juice is added to it, making this chaat spicy and tangy. 

You can see this yummy chaat in almost every single stall on the streets of Indore. Munching on this potato delicacy is perfect for warming your soul on a cold winter evening.

Origin: This version of Aloo Chaat originated in Indore itself.

Best Time to Eat: Tea-Time

Price Range: Rs.20-40 approx. (per plate)

Where you can get it: Agarwal Garadu Center (Rajwada), Jain Garadu (Krishnapura)

6. Khopra Patties

Khopra Patties are one of the marvellous street food offerings of Indore. They are small round balls made up of boiled, mashed potatoes. 

It is stuffed with Khopra that is dry grated coconut with added spices for flavours, dry fruits, and deep-fried till golden brown. It is paired with sweet and tangy chutneys that tingles your taste buds. 

The snack is crispy from the outside and equally soft from the inside. Khopra Patties or coconut Patties taste so much better than the regular Aloo Patties. 

The blend of different flavours in this one single snack would surely steal your heart and make your day happier.

Origin: The origin of the dish is unknown, but it is said that it was first introduced in one of the chaat shops in Sarafa Bazar, Indore.

Best Time to Eat: At Breakfast or Evening

Price Range: Rs.30-70 approx. (per plate)

Where you can get it: Vijay Chaat House (Sarafa Bazar), Vijay Chaat House (Chappan Dukan), The Taste of Malwa (Lalaram Nagar)

7. Keema Pav

Keema Pav is a modified version of a Spanish meat burger. This snack had gained popularity across the country and outside the country as well. 

If you are a meat-lover, then you shouldn’t miss this finger-licking street snack of Indore. It is made up of spicy mutton mince slow cooked with spices. 

The mixture is then loaded between buttered pav and is ready to serve in front of you. Keema Burger is paired well with barbeque sauce. 

Once you try this Keema Pav on the street side stalls of Indore, you indeed become a die-heart fan of it. It’s a must-try snack option while in Indore.

Origin: The dish originated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

Best Time to Eat: At Breakfast or Evening

Price Range: Rs.60-80 approx. 

Where you can get it: Pind da Swag (Chappan Dukan), Paratha on Wheel Cafe (New Palacia)

8. Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi is amongst the most preferable and healthiest Indore’s street food items. The dish is prepared by boiled Sabudana, which is mixed with multiple namkeens and crunchy chips. 

It is topped with various spices, cardamom, a dash of lemon, and coriander leaves to make it the most delicious version of the food you ever had. The dish is quite fulfilling. 

The taste of Sabudana Khichdi is very unique and tongue-tickling and not like the other regular khichdi you are used to having. 

On the streets of Indore, it is not restricted to Upvaas ka khana so you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

Origin: It originated in the state of Maharashtra in India. 

Best Time to Eat: At Breakfast or Dinner.

Price Range: Rs.60-100 approx. (per plate)

Where you can get it: Mukesh Fariyali Center (Kalani Nagar), Sawariya Khicdi (Sarafa Bazaar)

9. Dal Bafla

Dal Bafla is one of the fulfilling dishes that you can explore on the streets of Indore. 

It’s similar to a traditional dish of Rajasthan, Dal Baati. Dal Bafla is prepared from wheat, curd, and of course, a sheer variety of spices and condiments. 

The round balls of the mixture before baking are immersed in water and boiled. It is the best street food option for the people who keep count on their calories as this street food is baked and requires very little oil. 

It is a perfect, well-balanced, lip-smacking delicacy that melts in your mouth.

Origin: The dish originated in Rajasthan, India. 

Best Time to Eat: At Lunch

Price Range: Rs.80-120 approx. (per plate)

Where you can get it: Arihant Dal Batti (Itwaria Bazar), Dal Batti Surma (Saket Nagar)

10. Khatta Samosa

You might have tasted a wide array of samosas in different parts of the country, but nothing can compare to the satiating flavor of Samosa you’ll get on the roadside stalls of Indore. 

The stuffing of Samosa is sour and tangy and not like the usual one. This snack is served with sweet chutney and Sev on the side. The sweetness of the chutney beautifully cuts through the tanginess of the Samosa. 

You will be shocked when the tanginess of the Samosa mingles with the sweetness of the chutney will burst in your mouth. Khata Samosa is worth trying in this list of best street foods of Indore.

Origin: Khatta Samosa is a variation of Samosa, which originated in Indore itself.

Best Time to Eat: Tea-Time

Price Range: Rs 20-30 approx. (per plate)

Where you can get it: Mukki ki Zaike (Transport Nagar), Samosa Corner (Sarafa Bazaar)

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